Before and After Session to correct Scoliosis

Rehab Massage, Performance Activation for Athletes for all events, Myofascial Release, Rolfing, Injury Prevention, Thespa2u offers high-end and specialized bodywork to visiting Athletes~Level Up on your opponents Services available in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, OC cities.  

At TheSpa2U, we pride ourselves on representing the client as well as Licensed  Male and Female Massage therapists. Professionalism, Experience, and courtesy are always upheld . We value our customers and appreciate your business. If a qualified therapist is not available we will not book your session because quality outweighs quantity in our business. We also only want Quality Clients who value integrity and Premium services.

We understand how challenging it is to find trained and Licensed Massage therapists and appreciate your business!  All therapists are Licensed by city and state and carry liability insurance because legitimacy is important for public safety.  Prior to Texting please be aware that we will not tolerate any solicitations or illegal requests NRS 201.354  ~ NRS 199.500. Full draping is required and non-optional.  

  We only offer premium services so Please check rates prior to calling                              702-371-8944       email: for advanced reservations 

Male Scalp and Facial Massage las vegas

Face Massage feels amazing! 

Shoulder pain relief las vegas massage

Neck and Shoulder Therapy

Low back pain relief las vegas massage

Mid and Low back pain? We can help with that.

NFL Professional Massage Raiders

NFL Receiver protocol 

Marissa offering Postural Reset Method

Postural Reset addresses whole body therapy 

massage2go, mobile massage

On suite Therapy stay in and Relax 

Marissa's goal has always been to raise the standards of therapy in Las Vegas and California where Elite clients are certain they selected THE BEST in the industry. We continue expanding in training to deliver specialized treatments yielding greater healing results. We know that our clients aren't shopping for the best rate, rather the best quality of premier services. We believe that your body's Optimized physical condition is your best accessory. This is why we offer a full range of therapy experiences including Medical Massage, Sports and Athletic Performance therapies, Postural Rehab, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai Massage, Couples Massage, Corporate and Events chair massage and anti-aging or IV- collaborations. Whether sprains, strains, flare-ups, head aches or tired soles, we will cater to your needs at your location or ours.  TheSpa2U is always prepared in professionalism, discretion and willing to sign NDA's where client privacy needs to be upheld. Promotional filming is allowed with credits and mention of


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