Why Thespa2u?

TheSpa2u hand selects therapists who are skilled in their trade and carry themselves with utmost professionalism. Las Vegas brings in many travelers and alike, many transient people. When professionalism, English-speaking, client satisfaction, and knowledge is important, there is only one place to call.

Mobile Massage in Las Vegas can be a sketchy find. There are hundreds of fake sites offering anything and everything but legitimate massage. Escort Services are using the massage industry as a bait for their prostitution and human trafficking rings. Please be careful who you choose as many of these companies are out to steal, hurt, and deceive the public. Any company that is using stock photos is hiding something. That is why we only use real photos that we have taken at our job sites or selfies of ourselves. All of our reviews on yelp are organic and we only have 30, because we haven't asked people to write reviews, our reviewers have had a muscular problem or pain that Marissa was able to fix and that is why they left reviews. It is our goal to offer Las Vegas travelers the best customer service. Thank you for supporting a small-women owned business. 

Las Vegas Mobile Massage at Mirage Hotel

In room Massage set up anywhere! We are trained professionals who make any scenario work so that you can enjoy the comforts of in room massage relaxation. Services