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Thespa2U  has been serving the Las Vegas area since 2010. Founded by Marissa Garcia to provide unisex services to help Celebrities, High profile individuals and VIP's move and feel their best. Our collaboration of qualified upscale Massage Therapists are  here to support your healing needs while making you love your body again.  We exclusively use Organic and natural healing products to soothe tired bodies and replenish stressed minds.

We are the premier provider for high-end therapy in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other coastal cities in California. TheSpa2u is trusted by Sports Agencies, Celebrity PA's, VIP hosts and anyone where discretion, trust, and respect of a NDA must be upheld. Thespa2u only collaborates with advanced therapists and if one is not available we will just let you know we cannot recommend anyone because our good reputation is more valuable than making the sale. 

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Debbie Hulburt NVMT.#3144

Debbie has been a therapist for 17 years. She specializes in relaxation combos including Deep tissue, Swedish Massage and hot stones. She enjoys working at corporate chair events and sports therapies.Debbie has worked as a poker massage therapist and is fully capable of giving a strong and detailed massage. 

Marissa Garcia NVMT.#4979

Founder of Thespa2u, and Holistic Sports Rehab, Marissa has rehabbed professional athletes to get them off the bench and back into the game. Her background is in Orthopedic Massage, Manual Medical techniques and designed  S.M.A.R.T. which has helped many people heal from old and new injuries by creating space within the body's systems for full body healing. 

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Dusty Dangerfield


Dusty has been a therapist for 11 years, specializes in a combination of relaxation and technical massage. She enjoys working corp chair events and sports events. Dusty using the perfect combination of depth of pressure and flow of movement so that your muscles can feel the joy of being "unstuck".

Crystal Board


Crystal is compassionate and  intuitive with 20 years of research and healing experience of releasing trauma from tissues while freeing up the fascial system. In addition to Myofascial techniques, she also integrates Cranial Sacral Therapy and Lymphatic Massage for a complete healing experience. 

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Cosmopolitan in room  Massage 

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Sports Massage for NFL athletes. All teams welcome 🤩

Checking out the Raiders during training camp to get a visual of what kind of injury prevention  and movement therapies we need to give our players.We do not work with the team, we contract independently and through sports agents.

Corporate Massage to alleviate computer neck & shoulder issues 

UNLV Student Massages 

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