List of Services

Your body cannot be traded in but you can upgrade the one you have. Why live in pain or with movement restrictions when you can unlock your very own healing. Old and new soft tissue injuries can be remedied with noticeable changes seen on your very first appointment. 

Thespa2u offers a collaboration of  Licensed Massage therapists who are skilled in specialty treatments to deliver more benefits than other establishments. We raise the standard to offer you Elite services provided by qualified Licensees who take pride in their appearance, professional and personal development.

 Our upscale business caters to the premium shopper who values high-end quality, not the bargain shoppers. We understand that there is a market for premium and we value those clients.

Hotel Spa Massages start at $200 per hour

Medical Massage a very effective solution to chronic pain

Medical Massage is the key to unlocking all of your body's healing potential. Whether you suffer from chronic pain caused by an old injury that never fully healed or recently pulled a muscle, the body reacts the same way and knowing how to reverse the damages is vital to for full recovery. Injury Recovery, Postural Rehab, Scar Tissue Therapy are some of our most popular sessions that are helping people overcome pain and movement hurdles. 

Injury Recovery includes one  or two areas of treatment  (neck and shoulders) or (low back and Buttocks) to effectively loosen stiffened muscle  strains and compensated soft tissue agitations to restore fluid movement. A combination of fascia scraping, active releases, and other cool applications may be applied to help your body release muscle guarding. 60 minute $185, 90 minute $225 (includes recovery massage to comfort muscles) Mobile rates $225-250 per hour depending on Hotel or home location.

Sports & Atheltic Therapies- Optimize your body before, during, or after athletic activity and competition. Anyone can benefit from Sports Massage, you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy this wonderful modality. Sports Massage utilizes sequence applications that aid in full body restoration and balance. Stretches are performed with precision to lengthen shortened muscles while upholding integrity of already lengthened muscles. You can expect to feel looser, invigorated, and ready to golf your best game or recover from your play. 60 min $190      90 min $240  - Team, tournaments, group sports massage rates may be discounted if multiple therapists are contracted for longer than 3 hours.

 Chair-Apeutics at Sports Events- on site therapy designed to quickly but effectively deliver soft tissue optimization to prevent injuries and warm up the body for action. Additionally, we offer chair massage to family and friends reunions, bridal parties, private and corporate events, golf events of all kinds. Rates base rate is $2 per minute. Please call about set up rates which may differ based on number of therapists contracted,length of time and location.

Postural Rehab-The ultimate recovery session that has helped many people realize they can unlock their true healing potential even with old injuries. Postural Rehab uses curated application that have shown evidence to reduce pain, inflammation, strains, and self care tips to continue the healing at home. After 14 years of therapy, Marissa designed a protocol that addresses and corrects postural issues via muscular imbalances. Postural rehab is coupled with massage to fix problems and then soothe exhausted and sore muscles.  90 minutes $285 in call rate, mobile massage rate is $300-350 depending on location.             * Professional Athletes please call for pricing , Mobile prices may differ 

Scar Tissue Therapy- Scar tissue can form in any area of the soft tissues associated with new or old injuries, overuse, exhaustion, or compensation due to postural imbalances. Scar tissue is an adhesive bundle that thickens and restricts blood flow into the tissue causing it to harden and restrict movement. Smoothing the superficial fascia can restore health and blood blow to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Applications include gentle but effective use of cupping, stainless steal scrapers, guasha, and wooden tools. In some cases infrared and high frequency therapy is applied.  30 minute $80  (add on to any service) 

Neck and Shoulder Releases- Find yourself not being able to fully turn your neck? Do feel like your shoulders are stiff when you go to grab something? We can help with that. Marissa has designed a specific shoulder and neck release protocol that helps restore balance and movement to any stiff muscles. Feel an immediate improvement.

$175/60 our location, $200 to your home or hotel 

Chair Massage has become very popular with corporations, health fairs, special events and conferences for its many benefits of stress reductions. Clients remain fully clothed and seated on a comfortable portable chair massage while the therapist performs her amazing stress reduction therapy. Within 10-15 minutes of targeting areas of tension or discomfort, the client can feel refreshed and energized ready to face their day. 

Rates vary based on duration, number of therapists, and location. May be paid directly from organizations or fee for service at $2 per minute. Does not include travel and set up fee per therapist.

Couples Massage 

Enjoy a massage with your significant other, friends, or loved ones. We would love to turn your home, hotel or office into a Spa for the day. Set up includes two or more portable massage tables, linen, aromatherapy, hot stones, table warmers, and by request:

Four hand Massages 

Four Hand or Tandem Massage for Professional Athletes