I called Marissa about scoliosis pain I was having, She recommended the 90 min postural rehab to help with muscle imbalances. I must admit I was apprehensive because I get a lot of deep tissue massages but have never heard of postural massage. I am glad I tried it! it will be my go to when I come to Vegas on business. This session made me feel balanced, toned, and felt everything loosen up immediately. I don't think I can get a regular deep tissue massage without wanting all the other fancy things she did to my muscles. I felt immediately better.

Tanya R. 

My wife and I were in town for a few days  and decided to look on yelp for in room massages. We had no idea what to expect in Vegas but I gotta say these two were the real deal! They brought two tables to the room and were able to set up side by side. They even brought table warmers, it felt like a real spa but in our room.I was having some sciatic issues and I had pain running down  my leg and up the back. Marissa has special hands and was able to remove all the stiffness. My wife really liked Debbie and said she was very strong but with nurturing hands. She helped reduce the pain she had in her neck and shoulders that most therapists were not able to relieve. Overall 5 stars!

Rick and Joanna from Idaho Falls

I decided to try a 4 hand massage since I only had one in Thailand, I had no idea what I was getting. I gotta say I am very picky since I get a lot of massages. I could tell immediately that these two were very well trained. The hands were strong but comforting. I enjoyed the foot scrub while getting the neck done, that was probably the best part for me since I love those two the best. Will call again. 

Troy from Michigan